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Our announcement in the local paper

Well the 18th August saw the first anniversary of mum's death. We went down to Plymouth to visit the chapel where the funeral was held and to view the memorial entry in the Book of Rememberance. Along with dad and my younger daughter we went in the pouring rain to pay our respects and to lay flowers. After a short while inside we came out and walked over to my grandfather's grave to put some flowers there too. The strangest thing then happened. The sky which had been dark grey with rain clouds suddenly split open and the sun came out. Mike said that it was my mother smiling down on me and telling me to start living again. I must admit that was a lovely thought and I do tend to believe him. It certainly made me feel better.

Since then I have noticed that I haven't spent so much time dwelling on the past and I can now smile again when I think of mum. There have even been days when I haven't thought of her at all and when I realise that I haven't felt guilty, which has got to be good news. She will never be forgotten but now she can be a happy memory rather than a sad feeling.