Photo Album

Dug out of the archives, or in this case the depths of the wardrobe.

This must have been taken in 1920 and there used to be a large framed copy of this on the bedroom wall in my grandfather's house.

I wish I knew what happened to it

This is Doug and Mum with their Mum. I would guess the date to be around 1946. I might be wrong though!

This is my parents with Dad's parents, Charles and Millie.

This was taken in 1951, I know this because Mum wrote it in the album!

This photo is dated about 1955. It shows my parents with Mum's parents.

From the pictures in the various albums it seems that the family used to go on holiday or at least day-trips together every year.


There are photos of them in places like Newquay, Paignton and Weymouth


Although this isn't strictly speaking from Mum's family album, it is my Dad and it is how he looked when he met Mum.

Dad joined the Royal Navy in 1943, according to a bible that I found, although he would then have been 27 and the war had already been on for 4 years. I think he was probably in a reserved occupation until then.

How could I make a family album without a photo of me.

This was taken when I was 4 and now that I've found it, it has become my new favourite photo.

For once I look so cute!!

When Mike saw it the first thing he said was 'your hairstyle hasn't changed much, has it?'

For your information Mike, my hair is now much longer and not parted on the side any more!

Men, they really don't pay much attention do they?