The Funeral



These are the obituaries that appeared in the local newspaper on 20/8/99 and 21/8/99.

The funeral took place at our parish church, the same place that I was christened, along with Jennifer, and Joseph too and where Jennifer recently married.

The funeral was a nice service with a couple of hymns, All Things Bright and Beautiful and Jerusalem, some readings and my girls reading their poems. Jennifer stood at the lectern to read hers but Laura, accompanied by Joseph who stood watching her intently, stayed at the front. They both got through them without too much difficulty and everyone thought they were very brave. There were several people in the church including family from Dad's side and many long-term family friends whom I hadn't seen for ages.

There were representatives from both the local sailing and football clubs.

The flags at the sailing club were also flown at half-mast, which I thought was a really lovely gesture.

We didn't have time to thank everyone for coming because the next part was the service at the crematorium, a short distance away. This was attended mainly by family although there were a few close friends there, including my ex-husband. It was very strange to see him and Mike together talking like old friends and a little nerve-racking. I had hugs and kisses from people I have never had them from before but the support was needed and I was grateful.

The florist had made a mistake labelling the wreaths and Laura's one got my tag and vice versa which confused a few people who thought, quite rightly, that Heather was Mum's daughter and not Laura. The vicar also called her Lauren and that was confusing too.

All in all it was a little shambolic but that was the way of Mum's life too so some things never change.

We had the wake at the local pub at the end of the street and apart from the next door neighbour only family attended. One of my cousins was over here from Canada on holiday and she came along with her parents (Dad's sister and brother-in-law) and another cousin came down from Kent because her parents couldn't make it. I hadn't seen either of these for about 16 years so we made the most of it and talked a while.

Everything was finished by 1pm and then we all went our separate ways until the next family event (hopefully this time it will be a happier event.)