A New Beginning


The time has come for the tears to stop

No doubt the odd one still will drop

A year has passed since you left this world

Everyday has been an uphill struggle 


You left behind those who loved you

Those who wished they could start anew

To tell you from the start how much you were loved

And how they wished you didn't have to go


A year of days filled with sadness and tears

Filled with mourning, sorrow and fears

Feeling the guilt when we forgot you for a day

Knowing too that you would have been glad we had 


You wouldn't want the sadness to last

Look to the future not the past

When I'm gone I'm gone, you'd say

You must live your lives without me 


From now on in I must see the hope

Learn to live, learn to cope

This will be my memorial to you

That I am happy and can let you rest