Poem For Mum


The day dawned misty over the valley

Matching the grief in my heart;

As the day grew older the clouds disappeared

Leaving the promise of sunshine to come.


With a sigh and a tear I said goodbye

To the first person I had ever loved,

And to the first person who ever loved me;

The most important one in my life for many years.


You taught me to read and to add up,

You taught me to colour inside the lines,

You taught me that everyone had good inside them,

Sometimes it just needed help to surface.


You tried to teach me patience,

You tried to teach me the piano,

You tried to teach me about nature,

But on these you failed because of me.


And now I'll never see your face again,

I'll never hear your voice;

You won't be there to greet me at the station

Or make me a meal that I won't eat.


For now you are no longer here,

No more pain must you bear;

For God has taken you to his side

The newest star in the sky.