A Tribute To My Mum

Dorothy Georgina Decent 27/11/19 - 18/8/99 R.I.P.

Nee Slemon. Born and died in Plymouth, Devon, England.

My mother was just about the nicest, most decent person that I ever knew.

She never had a bad word to say against anybody and she was about the only person that I never argued with. She would do a favour for anyone if she could and always had a smile, even when she was in pain. It wasn't until I grew up that I realised that what I had previously taken for weakness in her character was due to her strength and confidence. She could allow herself to do things for other people and not feel taken advantage of, she could stay at home after giving up a good business (she owned her own hairdressing shop) to look after dad and me and be happy with that choice.

The one thing in life that I never wanted to do was to hurt her in any way and I think that I can be quite proud of the fact that I didn't, not knowingly anyhow. I know she wasn't too impressed when I got divorced but she and dad stood by me, letting me move back home again with my daughter.

After I married Mike and settled down she was pleased because she liked him and thought he could handle my temper and mood swings, which he has done for nearly 20 years.

Only once did I cause her any serious pain and that was done by accident. Being adopted I was naturally curious about my roots and one day asked mum where I had come from and did I think it would be a good idea if I traced my birth parents. She went quiet and told me that she had no knowledge of my previous background, then the subject was never mentioned again. I did tell her that I had traced my older brother and sister and she was pleased with that and often asked me about them.

It wasn't until I had a child of my own that I realised how much I had insulted her by suggesting that my birth mother might be better than her. As a point of interest here, I have since traced my blood family (I have 7 siblings) and met some of them, but have never desired to meet my birth mother although I have seen a picture of her.